Our history

The Great Brand is a private holding company, made up of 11 subsidiaries, spread over four poles of activities: SERVICES, BTPH, AGRO and INDUSTRY the BTPH is the group’s pole of excellence it is specialized in the realization and the construction in the building and public works and other complementary subsidiaries in logistics, metal construction, pvc carpentry and CES works

Reinforced by two other subsidiaries in the service division, with the study, design and engineering activity, and another subsidiary in real estate development allowing the group to develop its offer in high standing residential.

The first family company was founded in 1980 by Mr Miloud BOUROUAG in his hometown “chelghoum laïd” in the eastern region of Algeria (500 km from the capital). The company embarked on the construction industry with several projects in the housing sector, the second generation appeared to take over from the 2000s, with the appointment of one of the Reda children at the head of the group, after training as an engineer in thermonuclear power plants, and several years of immersion in the various departments of the family business.

It was in 2001 that the company invested in Constantine with the first public equipment project (CEM) and in 2002 with another project in Annaba by the realization of educational blocks at the University of ANNABA

In 2003, based on a category 05 qualification, the group’s adventure continued with an extension to other regions of the country, and it was in 2007 that the family business transformed into SPA GBC

From 2010, other subsidiaries come to reinforce the capacities of realization by a better autonomy with a subsidiary Logistics (GBL), in 2013 passing to a qualification of category 07, two other subsidiaries in the joinery GB PRO PVC and in the bodies secondary state GB MEP were created to consolidate the group’s offer

Today, the BTPH division has a category 8 qualification under N˚R / 2014/01/93/60 for all of its trades

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Forme juridique : Société Par actions

Objet social : Société de Holding (Exercice  de contrôle sur l’ensemble des filiales du groupe)

Gouvernance :